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Prosthodontics & Crown Bridge

Prosthodontics is that field of Dentistry pertaining to the restoration & maintenance Of oral function, comfort, appearance & health of the patient by the restoration of natural Teeth and or replacement of missing teeth & craniofacial tissue with artificial substitutes.

The Department of prosthodontics deals with a wide array of problems Encountered such as edentulism partial loss of teeth, Jaw joint problem and crippling Loss of craniofacial structures and are treated using modalities such as complete dentures, Fixed prosthesis , Maxillofacial Prosthesis & Dental and Maxillofacial implants.

The educational programs in prosthodontics are extensive & courses for dental student & Interns.

Undergraduate Education in prosthodontics for Dental student :

This program provides lectures , seminars, clinical experience and clinical teaching in the period of five year dental curriculum, Student are exposed to a wide range of patients with prosthetic problem and all student get extensive pre-clinical & clinical experience in the department . Clinical practice involves exposure to complete denture cases removable partial dentures & Introduction to fixed partial dentures.


Names Qualification Designation
Dr. K. R. Kashinath. B.D.S. M.D.S. Principal
Dr. Naveen.B.H. B.D.S. M.D.S. Prof & HOD
Dr. Shylesh kumar.B.S B.D.S. M.D.S. Reader
Dr. Kalavathi.S.D. B.D.S. M.D.S. Reader
Dr. Raghavendra Prasad. B.D.S. M.D.S Reader
Dr. Chethana B.D.S. M.D.S Lecturer