Preventive And Community Dentistry

Department of Public Health dentistry


The foundation of the department is based on the philosophy of “Prevention is better than cure” and we try to adopt this in the daily functioning of the department. As the college is situated in rural area, the vision of the Department is to provide affordable and state of the art treatment facilities to the rural masses.

Recent studies have proved beyond doubt that many health diseases have their roots in oral health behaviour of the population; hence the department coordinates with medical fraternity in various campaigns against diseases.

Department of Public Health Dentistry bridges the gap between policy makers and population. Department’s thrust areas are towards National Health Programmes through research activities, campaigns, teaching and providing services.



The students are trained to recognize the oral health needs of the population at large and are made capable to tackle oral health problems at mass level. The importance of prevention of oral diseases and the burden of the disease on the community is stressed upon. Diseases like oral cancers which are preventable by quitting deleterious habits are given due importance and students are motivated to encourage the public to discourage these habits. Improvement in communicative skills of the students is brought about by encouraging them to give oral health awareness talks on different topics to a varied audience. House surgeons are compulsorily posted in rural areas for three months to understand the health problems of the rural masses and also to appreciate the rich cultural diversity of our country.


Names Qualification Designation
Dr. Bharateesh J V M.D.S. Professor & Head
Dr. Mythri H M.D.S. Reader
Dr. Darshana B M.D.S. Reader
Dr. Mohankumar C T B.D.S. Tutor

Message from HOD

The department affirmates the age old saying “Prevention is better than cure”. With today’s emerging epidemic and pandemic situation around the globe, it becomes more imperative to understand the subtle meaning behind the proverb. The young generations of oral Health care providers are trained in the prevention of oral diseases which is proved, beyond doubt as one of the chief etiological factors for many systemic diseases. We aim at comprehensive development of our students. They are trained in recognizing the oral health needs of the community at large and provide solutions for the same. They are introduced to their role in pandemics and epidemics which is the need of the hour through enrichment programs and didactic lectures. The Department is well equipped with the paraphernalia required for the routine activities which include screening and oral health treatment camps in remote areas to provide much required oral care for the masses. The Department stages important days like World No Tobacco Day, Oral Hygiene Day etc. The department collaborates with voluntary organizations such as Red Cross, Rotary, Lions club, Farmers Associations and youth Organizations in conducting various community based programs. The Department is actively involved in social research and students are encouraged and assisted to complete short studies in the community.

Dr. Bharateesh J V




CDE Organised:

  • 28 & 29/7/2010 Tumkur

    Title:CDE on Research Methodology

    Name of Speaker:Dr. Nagesh L Prof. & Head, Depart. of Public Health Dentistry, Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davanagere

  • 06/02/2013 Tumkur

    Title:CDE on Clinical Excellence I- Ethics

    Name of Speaker:Dr. Vanishree Prof. & Head, Depart. of Public Health Dentistry, Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore

  • 28 & 29/7/2010 Tumkur

    Title:CDE on Research Methodology

    Name of Speaker:Dr. Nagesh L Prof. & Head, Depart. of Public Health Dentistry, Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davanagere

  • 05/11/2013 Tumkur

    Title:Concepts & principles of comprehensive dentistry; A road map for achieving optimal treatment outcomes

    Name of Speaker:Dr. Chikka M Raju BDS, DMD, MAGD, ABGD. California, USA.

  • 30/07/2018

    Title:Clinical Excellence XIX- Reach the unreachd iTop workshop

    Name of Speaker:Catherine Schubert Chung, RDH

  • 11/03/2020

    Title:Reearch in dental sciences

    Name of Speaker:External speakers: Dr. Ramesh Choudhary, Dr. Shivaprasad BM, Rajarajeshwari dental college and Hospital, Bangalore
    Internal Speaker: Dr. Darshana Bennadi, SSDC, Tumkur




Extension programs are conducted on the occasion of Health events for the benefit of students, patient and society in general.

  • Dentist day is celebrated during first week of March. We conduct Essay competitions, Continuing education programmes for dentists. Oral health awareness programme and camps are conducted on this occasion to render services for the needy population.
  • WHO Day- World Health day is celebrated every year on 7th April. Final year students are encouraged to participate in the program activities. Program will be based on WHO Day Theme for that particular year. We conduct quiz competitions, e-poster competitions among students by dividing them into different groups and four rounds are conducted. Certificate of appreciation is distributed to the winners. Resource persons are called on that day to highlight the points on WHO Day theme.
  • Laborer’s day: During May month we conduct camps for class IV employees at their working site. Oral health awareness programme are conducted involving oral hygiene methods and tobacco cessation.
  • No tobacco day: No Tobacco Day is celebrated every year on 31st May. Students on make placards and posters which are displayed during the programme. Whole month we keep awareness posters in the college corridors so as to create awareness among patients as well as accompanying persons. Students as well as other department staffs are encouraged to participate in this mega awareness programme- Rally. Camps are conducted to screen for Oral mucosal lesions and oral cancers. Awareness programmes are conducted for different age group stressing more on their risk factors as well as encouraging factors which are helpful in cessation of the tobacco habit. Oral hygiene day: Oral hygiene day is celebrated during the month of August and the programmes are spread through out the month. Different programmes are conducted on this occasion like oral hygiene awareness programmes, distribution of oral hygiene aids and mouth rinsing programmes for school children. Health exhibitions: Department actively participates and contributes in Mega Health Camps and exhibitions held during Jatra Mahothsava, at Sri Siddaganga Mutt, Kyathsandra and Medex, organised by Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher education.
  • Public Health Dentist Day
  • National Tooth Brushing Day