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Department of Periodontics

The department has separate working clinics for Postgraduate and Undergraduate students. A central sterilization room looks after the overall sterilization and disinfection of instruments, materials working area.

We also have aLab and a department library. Weekly seminars, journal club presentations and tutorials for students are conducted in the Seminar room. Department has the latest audiovisual facilities Postgraduates have a separate room for themselves where they have their individual lockers to keep their records and personal belongings. The department has a good patient inflow, on an average about 40-50 patients visit the department for treatment daily.

At the undergraduate level we impart training in a group as well as in an individual manner so as to prepare a student to diagnose and treat the diseases of the supporting structures of the teeth on a daily practice basis and make appropriate referrals for advanced care. It also trains students for further training in Periodontics.

The postgraduate program in Periodontics aims at producing a graduate competent in teaching, clinical work & research activities. We have well qualified staff members who have post graduate degree in Periodontics, with varying experience in this field, having national and international publications.


UG Curriculum

The undergraduate training program commences in the 3rd year with lectures and practical exercises and continues to forth year 2nd term. Students have one month clinical posting once in six months.During clinical postings, they have the opportunity of examining the patients and arrive at a diagnosis with the suitable plan for treatment. They have to treat at least 50 cases during 2 years of clinical work schedule. They have three internal assessments both in theory and practical during third and final year.

Postgraduate curriculum:

The Post Graduate training program is of three years duration starting with the training of the post graduate students in non-surgical periodontal therapy and minor surgical procedures. This is followed by treatment of patients with surgical periodontal therapy with a special emphasis on various regenerative techniques. Regular seminars and journal club reviews are a part of the postgraduate training program. The students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences and present scientific papers and posters. The post graduate students are also required to submit a library and main dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the M.D.S requirements. The department also carries out various awareness programs and camps. Oral hygiene day is celebrated yearly on the 1st of August to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr.G.B.Shankwalkar. There are various research projects going on in the department, through which they learn a lot about current trends in research. Once in a year a continuing dental education program is conducted by the department.


Names Qualification Designation
Dr. Sanjay Venugopal B.D.S. M.D.S. Prof. & HOD
Dr. Santhosh Kumar. R. B.D.S. M.D.S. Reader
Dr. C.P. Sateesh B.D.S. M.D.S. Reader.
Dr. Pushpalatha.G. B.D.S. M.D.S Reader
Dr. Soumya. S B.D.S. M.D.S Lecturer
Dr. Roopavathi. K.M. B.D.S. M.D.S Lecturer