Department of Periodontology


Periodontology is the speciality of dentistry which encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes; the maintenance of the health, function and esthetics of these structures and tissues; and the replacement of lost teeth and supporting structures by grafting or implantation of natural and synthetic devices and materials. The department has separate working clinics for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.



The undergraduate training program commences in the 3rd year with lectures and practical exercises continue to fourth year 2nd term. Students have one month clinical posting once in six months. During clinical postings, they have the opportunity of examining the patients and arrive at a diagnosis with the suitable plan for treatment. They have to treat at least 50 cases during 2 years of clinical work schedule. They have three internal assessments both in theory and practical during third and final year.


The Post Graduate training program is of three years duration starting with the training of the post graduate students in non-surgical periodontal therapy and minor surgical procedures. This is followed by treatment of patients with surgical periodontal therapy with a special emphasis on various regenerative techniques. Regular seminars and journal club reviews are a part of the postgraduate training program. The students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences and present scientific papers and posters. The post graduate students are also required to submit a library and main dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the M.D.S requirements. The department also carries out various awareness programs and camps. Oral hygiene day is celebrated yearly on the 1st of August to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr.G.B.Shankwalkar. There are various research projects going on in the department, through which they learn a lot about current trends in research. Once in a year a continuing dental education program is conducted by the department.


Message from HOD

Everyday I am motivated by the work we do, which has an impact not just on the present, but on the future. For that reason, I am extremely proud to have been trusted with the responsibility of serving as the head of the department. Our faculty is exceptional and we offer a full range of academic programmes including comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The objective of our department is to bring the academicians and clinicians together, facilitate exchange of thoughts and ideas, provide an opportunity to imbibe new concepts and integrate these into practice for benefit of patients, students and wellbeing of the population.

Dr. Sanjay Venugopal