Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology

Department of Oral Pathology


Oral pathology encompassing dental anatomy, oral histology, forensic odontology, general pathology, oral pathology and microbiology is the stepping stone for dentistry that continuously enhances one's perspective of differentiating normal from abnormal. We are dedicated to ensuring strong basic applied knowledge for future dentists.


Our mission is to provide the knowledge of normal oral and paraoral structures, pathologies and systemic diseases that involve these structures, needed to fulfil the requirements of a good dentist.

The services include but not limited to providing basic dental anatomy, soft tissue anatomy, oral histology, oral physiology knowledge.

To Provide knowledge of pathologies encountered in day to day dental practice.



  • The department teaches Dental Anatomy, Oral Histology, Oral Embryology and Oral Physiology for the students of IBDS and Oral pathology to II BDS & III BDS students.
  • I BDS students are taught carving of teeth to facilitate learning of tooth morphology & identification of oral histological details by way of studying histological slides. This enables them identify basic concepts, terminologies and morphology of dental structures.
  • II BDS & III BDS students are taught various pathological conditions of oral & paraoral region. Students are taught about pathogenesis, varied clinical manifestations, histological appearances and management of the oral diseases.
  • Identifying normal features are taught in basic classes and further abnormal or pathology is taught in higher class. Practical & lecture classes are conducted regularly for all the three years of students.


Postgraduate Couse is of 3 years duration. It offers comprehensive learning of principles of experimental and diagnostic pathology of oral diseases which prepares students for a career in teaching, academic research and practice in specialty of Oral and maxillofacial pathology.


Research Thrust areas :

Oral cancer, Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders, Odontogenic Cysts & Tumours, IHC, Forensic odontology, Laboratory Techniques, Systemic diseases affecting oral cavity, Special stains

Services Offered :

  • Histopathology and cytology diagnosis service of head and neck pathologies to dental practitioners in and around Tumkur
  • Research lab
  • Basic Hematology investigations service