Campus Life

A thriving residential campus and community of creative and accomplished people from around the world

Student Life

Student Affairs

Student Affairs provides a broad range of services and support to SSDC students, including leadership development, residential programs, public service, career exploration and community engagement.

Housing & Dining

Nearly all undergraduates and more than 60% of graduate students reside in diverse campus housing facilities.A dining hall, a kitchen and vegetables from organic gardens provide the campus community with healthy, sustainable meals.

Community Engagement & Diversity

Other programs supporting the student community:
Environment day celebration
Educating the public

Arts & Culture

The Arts

SSDC has a rich tradition of fostering creativity and the arts.
A vibrant auditorium is situated near the campus.
SSDC presents a wide range of performances and distinctive performing arts experiences.


Sports and Fitness

SSDC students compete in 24 varsity sports. Students, faculty and staff enjoy state-of-the-art recreational facilities and wellness programs.

SSDC offers incentives, programs and activities that promote health and wellness.