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Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

The specialty of Conservative Dentistry deals with prevention and treatment of disease and injuries of the teeth, Here, diseased or fractured teeth are restored with restorative materials that are biologically acceptable and esthetically pleasing. Whereas Endodontics deals with prevention and treatment of pulp and periradicular diseases and this specialty particularly strives to save an infected tooth and maintains its integrity in the dental arch. The main focus of this department is on restoring the dental health and mental wellbeing of the patient.


The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is equipped with ultramodern, state of art, electronic dental chairs and also an operating microsope which cater to patients coming from different walks of life. Under the able guidance of the experienced teaching staff the treatment is rendered by the skillful students, interns and postgraduate students. Hi-tech gadgets like electronic pulp tester, electronic apex locator, digital radiography , high speed rotary instruments, amalgamators etc. are used routinely for the diagnosis and treatment

Department runs both undergraduate and post graduate programs

UG Programme

Pre-Clinical – The department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics gives training to Second year BDS students in the pre-clinical laboratory which is equipped with “phantom” heads. The Students are exposed to various aspects of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics theoretically and the skills of the students are honed on these simulated patients before they take on the real patients in the Third year. Clinical – The clinical programs spread over 2 years i.e. Third and Final year BDS wherein intensive clinical coaching is given consisting of variety of fillings and root canal treatment. Also they get to see and use assortments of restorative materials.

PG Programme

The Department admits 2 PG students each year. The “Masters” Programme extends to 3 years.


Names Qualification Designation
Dr. Jayashankar.C.M. B.D.S M.D.S Prof..
Dr. Anil Kumar.S B.D.S. M.D.S. Reader
Dr. Paluvary Sharath Kumar B.D.S. M.D.S. Reader.
Dr. Girish.S.A. B.D.S. M.D.S Reader
Dr. Mujahid Ahmed B.D.S. M.D.S. Reader
Dr. Archana Shenoy B.D.S. Tutor