Journal of Dental Sciences and Research

Factors Affecting Patient Satisfaction among those Attending an Outpatient Department of a Dental College in Tumkur City – A Survey

Authors: Dr. Kashinath , Dr. Bharateesh J , Dr. Chandan Agali,Dr. Mythri H , Dr. Darshana Bennadi , Dr. Mohan Kumar

Ameloblastoma – Adding perspectives

Authors: Dr.Laxmidevi , Dr.Kokila , Dr.Jyothi Mahadesh

Palatogingival Groove” - An Endodontic Enigma

Authors: Dr. Jayashankara , Dr. Kala M. Dr. Vinay S.

Chondrosarcoma of Mandibular Parasymphysis

Authors: Dr.Kokila , Dr. Jyothi Mahadesh, Dr.Laxmidevi

Restoring Ocular Esthetics Using Ocular Prosthesis

Authors: Dr. Kalavathi , Dr. Arvind Moldi, Dr. Phaneendra Kumar

Management of Vertically Fractured Maxillary Second Molar

Author: Dr. Jyothi K.N.

Florid Granulation Tissue / Pregnancy Tumor

Authors: Dr. Nethravathi , Dr. Sanjay Venugopal , Dr. Vaibhavi Joshipur

Osteochondroma of Mandibular Condyle

Authors: Dr. Ashok kumar.K.R, Dr. Omprakash.T., Dr. Gayathri N Goudar, Dr. Ravi kumar

Gingival Carcinoma in a non-tobacco user

Authors: Dr. Indira.A.P, Dr. Priscilla David Dr. Roopashri G, Dr. Vaishali M.R.

Reattachment of Fractured Tooth Using Self Etching Adhesive and Esthetic Fiber Post

Authors: Dr. Anil kumar.S, Dr. Jyothi K.N

Odontogenic Keratocyst of Maxilla Involving the Sinus– OKC to be a Cyst or a Tumour?

Authors: Dr. Jyothi Mahadesh, Dr. Kokila, Dr. Laxmidevi B.

An Indigenous Intra Oral Molar Distaliser

Authors: Dr. Anjali Narayan, Dr. Rabindra S.Nayak, Dr. Kenneth F.H. Tan, Dr. Azam Pasha, Dr. K.A.Mohan, Dr. Vinay K,
       Dr. Pradeep Kumar

The Beastly Combination: Women and Tobacco

Author: Dr.C.P.Sateesh

Psychological Preparation of Complete Denture Patients

Authors: Dr. Jagadeesh K.N, Dr. Ravikumar N, Dr. Naveen B.H, Dr. Kashinath K.R

Prevalence of Impacted Maxillary Canines in Patients Attending Out Patient Department of Sri Siddhartha Dental
College and Hospital of Sri Siddhartha University, Tumkur, Karnataka.

Authors: Dr.Sridharan K, Dr. Srinivasa H, Dr. Sandeep Madhukar, Dr. Shailesh Sandbhor

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